LED Portable Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Light


LED Portable Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Light Infrared Induction Lamp Super Bright Light Bar for Closet Cabinet Wardrobe Stairway Drawer Porch

A PIR motion sensor (PIR stands for “pyroelectric, or passive, infrared”) is a device that detects movement and heat. These devices, also known as solar PIR units or IR sensors, create a grid that is triggered by changes to infrared energy levels.


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Description: Feature: – It is a motion PIR sensor light,Light instantly turn on when it detects motion from 2-5m away.Lights shuts off automatically after about 30 seconds if no motion detected. – Easy installation, 3M adhesive tape, could be hung and stick-on No tools, screws or nuts are required when installation. – Not need modes select,Install the battery automatically open.Automatic light sensing,if the light sensor detects enough light,it will not turn on even detected the motion of human. – Lighting by super bright LEDs, low power consumption, energy-saving and environment friendly .LED life time can up to 100,000 or more. – Suitable for stairway, drawer, under-cabinet, pantry, bedroom, wardrobe, workshop, bookshelf, attic, closet, basement, hallway, corridor, headboard, trunk lighting, etc. Cautions: 1.Never install this light in the place which is damp and with high temperature, which may affect the normal working of the light. 2.Never install the light in the strong light in case affecting the sensitivity or disoperation. 3.When LED getting dimming,please charging Specifications: Light Color:White ,Warm White,yellow,blue Bulbs:20LED Detection range: 2-5m Delay time: 15 seconds Power by: USB charging Motion angle: 120° Product Size: 7LED:150mm 12LED:250mm 20LED:350mm Package Included: 1set Motion Sensor light


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