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In the world of swimwear, fashion and function often collide in creative ways. Gone are the days of sacrificing style for support during water activities. Now, high-tech fabrics offer sun protection, chlorine resistance, and quick-drying properties, all while maintaining a sleek and stylish look. Designers incorporate flattering cuts, bold colors, and trendy patterns into swimwear that can keep up with your beachside lounging or conquer the waves in comfort and confidence.

Summer Herring – Founder & CEO

Where the Style Meets Protection


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Classic Aviator

Retro Cat-Eye

Oversized Round


OMG, I am obsessed with this swimsuit! Beach, move over, here I come!”

Squeee! This suit is so much fun, I feel like a mermaid!

Wow, this actually looks really good on me! Maybe I will go swimming after all…